Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

London Help Needed: Amanda Palmer Request

Passing this one along as one of my London friends might be able to help with this one (plus check out how to get a free ticket to the gig :p)

Feb 4 - Electric Ballroom, London

Amanda will soon be in the European land of Europe and requires your help with food and accommodation etc. London seems to be sorted, but... (This bit is particularly relevant to London/Camden folk).

from her blog at

I"'m heading to london early (around the 31st) and am actually hunting for a place to practice....
so if you live near camden and have a piano or a decent electric keyboard with speakers,
will you have me over for tea? seriously. i need to practice and am without gear. within close tube-range of camden would be great.
email beth and give her the scoop: beth (at) amandapalmer (dot) net."

If you download a poster print it out 10 times and mail her 10 photos of posters that you put up around your town you'll get a complimentary ticket to the show.


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