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Never Look at Ebay When You're Bored...

That should be recorded as one of life's rules.

"Never Look at Ebay When You're Bored"

Ebay is a dangerous tool and I often wonder how much is brought on it when people get home from the pub, or are just browsing feeling bored. and is then regretted shortly afterwards - let alone before the actual *must buy* item has actually arrived from the Seller.

It's something I really try to avoid. I use Ebay to *sell* things and very, very rarely buy something through it. At the weekend I broke my rule though and was just nrowsing around looking at things and ended up placing bids on two fairly sizeable comic collections which finished this evening.

Luckily for me someone waited until the last minute and outbid me on both items - something I usually loath (and indeed someone did the same on the Huski CD I was trying to buy with only seconds to spare apparently) but in tonights instance I am very happy they did.

I really have more than enough comics (probably somewhere in the region of 5,000) and am hoping to sell them at somepoint so why I decided to try and bid on MORE comics is anyone's guess. I haven't the space to store them nor the time to read them. I still get my standing order from Mega City Comics each month for the last few remaining titles I currently get (and haven't read them for a long time - preferring graphic novels - the only reason I think I still buy individual Hellblazer comics is because I have every issue from #1!).

So thank you Mr Last Minute Bidder! You saved my day and a good few pounds I need for other things :)


Jan. 20th, 2009 01:47 am (UTC)
Yeah, eBay is sooo dangerous. I spent so much money at one period in my life on eBay it was crazy. Really. I was doing crazy shit. It's not really that I bought anything I actually regret, just that I bought things I'm not sure was necessarily all that essential in my life at that point.

This said, the advent of internet shopping in general is far more insidious. Places like Amazon and Play are far more dangerous because you can so easily spend your rent money with only a few clicks and there's no chance of being outbid at the last minute and breathing a sigh of relief, saying "Well, it was not meant to be and probably was for the best." You just end up looking at your inbox going: "Seriously, what the hell! Did I *really* need those DVDs/books/CDs/gadgets/whatever at right this very moment in my life? Chances are no.

As much as I love the convenience of online purchasing, it is the bane of impulse buyers. Yeah, don't even talk to me about White Wolf's $6.66 Sale.... Oh dear gods, the money I spent on a German site buying €6.66 books by, quite literally, the crate-load. Oy vey.

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