Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Saturday Update

I may or maynot be at the Wayne Hussey gig at Islington Academy this evening. I won't be going clubbing afterwards though (Vagabonds, Unholy London or Sliemlight) - or drinking for that matter - as I'm currently in the middle of a run of anti-biotics due to a tooth problem (the tooth in question is being pulled either next week or the week after).

I'd really like to go to the gig but I've got a lot of things to still catch up on plus am working at the shop today so will probably just fancy getting home and crashing in front of the computer to do some work with Scrubs Season 7 playing in the background (finished Season 6 last night).

Yeah, it's not the most exciting thing to do on a Saturday night but I've got work to finish (plus a deadline for something on Monday).

I will probably take a couple of hours out tomorrow morning though to go and see a movie. I may finally cave and go and see Twilight or maybe Frost/Nixon.

I also want to write a quick January review at somepoint as I have managed to catch a number of films at the cinema this month (got off to a good start) - one of which was fantastic, one dreadful, one so-so and two good fun and worth seeing. Something for my Sunday 'To Do' list I feel.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and hope to update further tomorrow.

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