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10 Thoughts from this evening...

1. Have Zeromancer always sounded shit? Tonight is the first time I've heard them and they really aren't my cup of tea. What type of music would you call them? I thought they were more EBM/Industrial before listening to them but they're more crappy electronic metal.

2. I was so busy sorting out updating my computers anti-virus software that I lost track of time. I was going to have potatoes, pork chops, broccoli with lashings of gravey tonight. Instead I discovered I'd overcooked the potatoes whilst working upstairs and ended up having mashed potatoes by themselves for dinner (no time to cook the other bits by then!). Still, I like mash - but was well in the mood for a nice warm, tasty and filling meal to keep the cold at bay...

3. Project Pitchfork. Love them. Always have done. They've produced some brilliant music over the years, Sadly their forthcoming album isn't conforming to my expectations. Bit shit really if I'm honest.

4. Watched Ghostbusters 1 and 2 over the last couple of nights. One of the things that really struck me was the amount of smoking the characters were doing. Standing around discussing things all puffing away. Wouldn't get that  in a kids film these days.

5. After a year of having an iPod and iTunes I've just brought my first downloaded music - Lily Allens 'The Fear EP'. I feel this could be a slippery slope downhill now I've popped my cherry.

6. Sean and Kara are both great to work with. I'll miss them, Mike and David.

7. Dominion (the Card Game) has consumed my soul. It's a fantastic game and we keep having 'after work' games of it and it seems that everyone I;ve played it with so far needs MORE!!! I've not seen such addictiveness in a game since Magic: The Gathering.

8. Something smells like it's burning. I should give up thinking of ten things to write and go and explore...

9. Ah. Natasha is cooking a baked potatoe in the oven but Ray hasn't cleaned all the meaty gunk that's dripped to the bottom of the oven so it's making the stink. One month to go :p

10. I came back upstairs with strawberry yogurt so all is right in the world. Well, for the next couple of minutes anyway.

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