Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Gaming and Twins...

Great day down at The Black Horse chatting and playing games. We had over 40 people again this month - which was a lot more than I was expecting considering I knew a bunch of people couldn't make it this month and it was Valentine's yesterday. Great fun :)

Also met Will and Sarah Hindmarch who are over from the States for a few days. It was really great chatting to them and comparing notes and thoughts on the industry with them and actualsean  - from Indie games, 4E, ARGs, the future of the industry and some of the games we love and/or hate.

Meeting them again on Tuesday evening for more chats. What i didn't realise (or had forgotten) was that Will wrote Fireborn for FFG. Something to bring up with him in Tuesday :p

Also for those that have met both Will and Tim Dedopulos - couldn't they be twins!?! Poor aster13  even shouted 'Oi Tim' because she thought he was ignoring her :p Not that I can blame her as when he walked in I thought it was Tim for a brief second until I remembered Will was also coming to the pub.

Anyway, more on the games and club later. I need some sleep.


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