Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

House Hunting...

The boiler at the house is on the blink again today - just glad its a lot warmer outside so we don't really need the heating as much at the mo. Still, it does mean no hot water so todays ritual after waking up today certainly woke me up bigtime!

Dave and myself are spending the day house hunting. We're heading out in about 30 minutes to make our journey to pastures new and see what the estate agent there has lined up for us to see. Hopefully atleast one will be what we want so we can put the deposit down today and get all the paperwork moving. Time is ticking and we need to move within the next three weeks when our contract here expires.

One of the places has certainly caught my attention. A three bedroom, double living room and double garaged property. Should be enough space for all my stuff! ;p The other thing I really like about moving outside London are the rental prices. For example the above would set us back £700/month - which is £50 more than I pay myself a month at present - let alone when adding Dave's rent on top. We'd be saving alot of money by leaving London, which at present is a good thing as I wouldn't mind paying off some debts and building up some savings again.

Anyway, I guess I may update this evening if we've seen anything and what we're actually up to.

Have a good day folks and catch you laters.

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