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Ugle As Sin - Terminal Love

....and what do you know. I found an old video of Ugly As Sin (see previous post)!

I was one of the very, very few who seems to have known this band. I saw them live a few times and had an old 4 track demo cassette they gave away at a gig. Which I think was the only thing of theirs - beyond maybe a 7" or 12" single - I had.

Anyway, here is a not particularly great sound qaulity video of 'Terminal Love by Ugly as Sin.

Ugly As Sin by Terminal Love


I remember going to a gig of theirs at The Marquee with Mike Roache (who the Monday Night drinks team will know as he was at the last Catcher meet-up) and seeing tickets on sale for a brand new band who were having their UK debut gig the following week. We recognised the name from Kerrang and other rock mags who were hyping them but had never heard of them but thought 'What the hey!' and brought tickets.

The following week we got to the venue and the que was the biggest we'd ever seen for a Marquee gig and people were offering us ridiculous amounts of money for our tickets. Needless to say we both headed straight in to see the band reckoning they must be fantastic. Sadly, although many people did seem to enjoy them, I thought they sucked. I saw them again in 1995 at Wembley Stadium supporting The Rolling Stones and still thought they sucked. They were a band called The Black Crowes (which it suddenly strikes me many of you might not have heard of if you're under 30!).

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