Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Twitter Question...

I know a number of you use Twitter.

I've had an account for a while but have never posted on it. Or hadn't until yesterday when I made my first exploratory post and became a 'follower' to those who were 'following' me or who I found using an address book search.

I was wondering what you are using it for? What service does it provide to you? Why do you like it?

Now it's obviously incredibly early days for me but one of the reasons why I hadn't started actively using the service before now was because I couldn't really see a massive point to it when there are so many blogs and sites which convey the news to you in more detail if you'd like. Twitter sort of strikes me as alternative Facebook "What are you doing at the moment?" method of communication... and I have facebook for that?

Also, how many people have their phones texted the Twitters? I've not signed up for that (although I can see that being useful - although potentially very annoying with texts going off every few seconds! :p) but do you actually pay for the texts being sent to your phone? I'm guessing you probably do which sounds like it could become very expensive very quickly?

I've downlaoded an app for my iPhone which will allow me to access Twitter on the move (although obviously paying more for the privilege if I'm abroad as I won't get free internet access).

I was just wondering why people found Twitter useful, interesting and what you use it for?

Edit: Oh yeah, I'm Angus_A on Twitter should you want me.

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