Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Last week of London Life...

Just realised that I'm about to enter the last full week of London life.

I may not have been born in London but it's the city that I grew up in and have spent all my adult life living in. Indeed, if you ignore the first couple of years of my existence living in the most easterly town in Britain (which I can only remember bits of from the time as I was obviously only a very little Angus) I've only actually lived outside of London once. That was when I was 12 for under half a year when I lived with my aunt and cousins and went to school in Washington State over in the USA.

Indeed, I've actually never lived outside of a very small part of North London. The family home is in Barnet and the rest of my life has been spent flittering between Finchley Central, Barnet, East Finchley and Frien Barnet - which are all within a few miles of each other.

To be spreading my wings and leaving my little stomping ground into pastures completely new is exciting on the whole. There will be a whole lot of things, and people, I will miss but there the glory of the internet age to help stay in touch - plus I will be back in London probably atleast once a month to see family, friends, gigs and attend Gameforce. But there's a lot of adventures, exploration and meeting new people to be done. Plus my new job will be keeping me very busy - and travelling around every so often.

Even though I'm moving out of London in little over a week I will still be working here for a few more weeks. I'll also probably be crashing in London during the week so will be available for drinks and stuff. I'm also going to organise a farewell party at somepoint to celebrate the fact that the London crowd will be getting rid of me at long last! :p

Dave and myself have found an incredibly nice (and HUGE) two bedroom luxury apartment in the town centre of where we're moving to. We were looking at 3 bedroom houses but the ones we saw where slightly too small for my needs (I have lots of stuff) - even with two reception rooms. We could have found larger houses if we'd gone to some of the outlying villages but as neither of us currently drives (I intend to finally get my license this year as my number 1 non-work priority; Dave intends to never drive) we needed somewhere central-ish or atleast with regular (and late running) public transport.

The flat is really massive. I'll try and post some pictures once we've moved in. The lounge is equally as large with a very nice, and modern, open plan kitchen at one end. There is an en suite bathroom off the main bedroom and a second bathroom off the hallway. We actually had a look at the penthouse (which is the floor above us) as that was also available but whilst it is really, really big and very nice it wouldn't be suitable for two single people. A couple of a single person, yes. Two singles, no. The raeson being is that it had two floors with a spiral staircase leading up to the second floor which contained two bedrooms and a bathroom. All the rooms where big, new and lovely but both bedrooms overlooked the lounge and were wall-less on that side. So, apart from a slightly higher than waist high barrier there was nothing there in either room. So any noise would just float around the flat. Like I say, fine if you're a couple or one person - but with two single people their would be no privacy. So that was scrapped (not that we were thinking of taking it really anyway - although non-London rents are so affordable and seem really cheap in comparison.

Anyway, I pity our poor removal company as the new place is on the sixth floor. That's a lot of carrying and waiting for lifts.

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