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Strange music day...

Today has had lots of music in it - and a strange mix at that.

As opposed to just putting my iPod on shuffle today I decided to select a couple of rarely listened to albums to play instead. So my journey to work was accompanied by the Dropkick Murphys and my soundtrack for the return home was courtesy of The Horrors.

In between these Sean and myself were digusted to find that Dave at work didn't know Hotel California by The Eagles (well, he is young - but still Hoel California is a classic!). This prompted us to then unearth loads of 'classics' in the attempt to educate him and find out what he knew. Hence some time courtesy of Youtube playing a whole bunch of largely 80's tunes ranging from Don Henley's "Boys of Summer", Genesis "Invisible Touch", Roxette "The Look", The Cars "Drive", Heart's "Alone", some Bronski Beat and a bunch of others.

I also received a couple of albums in the post which I'd gotten the urge to update onto CD (from cassettes that I'd long since lost/thrown out) - Bryan Adams "Reckless " (I still really love Summer of '69 and Run To You - they remind me of living in the States back in '84) and Don Henley's "The End of Innocence" (which includes "New York Minute" - very AOR).

Once home I ended up getting mildly addicted to Lady Gaga after seeing a couple of her videos on telly which having dinner. I know she had a Number 1 single over here in the UK for several weeks earlier this year but I'd never heard it - only people complaining about her. But I think she's good. I remember her being placed very highly in the BBCs Top Tips for 2009 and I can see why. I'll be interested to listen to the CD when it arrives next week.

Now, as I type this, I'm playing another CD which arrived this week which is certainly not of my usual fair. It's a mix of dubstep, hiphop and grime (apparently!) by  Kevin Martin under the guise of "The Bug" (suprisingly I've since discovered that Kevin Martin has played and experimented with a number of bands and musical styles including Industrial and collaborations with Alec Empire and former members of Napalm Death). The album is called 'London Zoo' and includes the track 'Poison Dart' which I posted up here sometime last year I believe as well as over on radio_infinity .

So a very diverse range of music has been assaulting my ears today. From punk to AOR, from electronic pop to goth rock to dubstep.

Bring on the new sounds of tomorrow...


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