Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Summer of Rage...

I keep seeing articles and commentary about politicians and police forces preparing for a 'Summer of Rage' where the unwashed and not-so-unwashed start rioting and protesting en mass.

Is Britain that close to civil disobidence at present?

What's finally been the tipping point if it is?

A few years ago I was ready to see mass action on the streets against the government due to their actions involving Iraq and all the cover-up that went on (and is still going on) with the cabinet meetings and reasons behind the invasion (which everyone apart from the politicians seemed to know and understand were completely made-up and unjustifable reasons). But apart from the initial protests which brought two million people onto the streets in London alone, nothing else really seemed to get the crowds of the anger.

I know lots of people are very pissed off with the government and British establishment. But has that discontent finally come so close to spilling over into protests on the streets?

We are, afterall, not exactly the French. The Brits don't have the same history of mass protest and demonstration (something which I've always lamented as I'd like to see people more politically and socially aware over here).

So, Summer of Rage? Is it a real threat or just some kind of propaganda?

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