Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Day 1 in the Office

Hello Live Journal (and Facebook feed)!

I am alive and well and installed in my new office.

Today is my first day in the new job and has pretty much just been about configuring the computer and transferring everything I need from my home PC to the work PC - files, bookmarks, email, etc.

Had fun with the email part - but managed to transfer my old Outlook 2007 email over to Thunderbird on my home amchine and then installed Thunderbird on the new machine and transferred the files across - which worked pretty much with hitch. The only hitch I had was that my old Thunderbird account was apparently configured to an old freeserve address so it immediately started downlaoding almost 20000 emails from the last x-years... all of which are most likely spam.

So as soon as the machine has finished downloading the last 5000 of these I can delete the lot and reconfigure it to download my NEW email address (well... the cubicle7 one I've been using for the last few years anyway). Then I can start doing some actual work.

First up is catching up on loads of mails, some license communications, sorting things out for the GAMA Trade Show in Vegas in a couple of weeks (plus my 'pre-show' Vegas holiday :p), Dragonmeet South West, some editting, commissioning some artwork, etc, etc.

Dom joins me here on Monday after he's moved. Then the real work begins :)

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