Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

I shouldn't really complain about working late. I have three days off later this week whilst Delphine is over in London (which reminds me I should be getting confirmation from her about times this evening - I should get home for her call!), and I've amassed four-and-a-half days overtime in the last three weeks which isn't bad. Means a nice bonus at the end of the month or 'even more' holiday time to try and fit in. I think I'll take the money as I've got too much to do here already without taking off more days!

This weekend was kind of a wash-out for me. Friday night I ended up staying in the office until almost nine and was too knackered to do anythign afterwards. It meant I missed the Voices of Masada gig at The Verge, which was a shame as I wanted to support both sinbadsilk  and djpsyche and also catch the other bands playing.

Saturday saw me return to work and face over two hours sitting in the dark in the afternoon as part of Finchley suffered from a powercut. I managed to get an hour out in the evening with sarah to get some good old english Fish n' Chips before heading back to work to help unload from the convention the shop attended. I finally got out about 9pm (again), went home, soaked in the bath and pretended I was in an Amsterdam cafe for the rest of the night. Completely missed keyvans stag night which, by the sounds of it, was great fun and quite drunken!!!

pond823  cooked sunday roast for the house with a little bit of help from Sarah and myself. It's only the second time since we moved in (mid-February) that we've had a 'house meal' and it was nice having everyone around the same table. Did bring up a couple of household problems though - we need to invest in an electric knife.... A bit later on we watched the 1990 film 'I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle' which features Neil Morrisey and various other cast members from the 80's Brit TV series 'Boon' along with Anthony Daniels (C3PO) battling against a demonic motorcycle (you'd never have guessed would you?). I remember the film being much funnier when I first saw it back in 90/91 and it also seemed a lot longer this time round. Not sure if I'm older, the comedy was dated, or I was in a different mental state when I was originally saw it. In any case, I'm glad I saw it again but probably won't be watching said video for at least another 13 years if ever. It might be an ebay auction in the near future.

Having lunch with young Louie tomorrow, it'll be good to catch up with her and discover how her job-huntings going.

Tonight, going home in a few minutes, having a nice relaxing bath, phoning Delphine if she hasn't called by then and I think sarah said she was coming over later. A restful one is needed.....


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