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(Film Review) Let The Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in)

I get internet at home at the end of the month so you'll probably see me updating a lot more come May. I would have liked to have been a bit more prolific here recently since I started in the new office but I've actually been very busy (unsurprisingly I guess) :p

I'm away in America next week for the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas. I fly out this Friday (10th April) and land back in the UK again on Saturday 18th April. Then the following week I'm away in France from Friday 24th April to Monday 27th April for Salon du Jeu de Societe in Paris.

So it's busy bee time one way or another for me.

Not having internet at home, and not really knowing all that many people here as yet has seen me getting out to the cinema quite a bit or staying in watching loads of DVDs between unpacking a million boxes from my house move.

Myself and the office Intern went and saw 'Låt den rätte komma in' ('Let The Right One In) last night at the local Empire which had a single screening of it as a special. It's a subtitled Swedish horror/vampire film and is very good. It certainly won't be to everyone's taste as it's quite slow paced and quiet but the story is very good, very dark with a number of layers that when you reflect back on it you'll realise more and more things that are hinted at.

I've not read the original story the film is based on but from the sounds of things the film has toned down several aspects of the book - subjects such as paedophilia have been seriously toned down, but they are still hinted at and/or alluded to. Also the violence, whilst still quite shocking in some ways, is not as gruesome as the text in the book. But then you can expalin a lot mroe detail in the written word than you can capture in a few moments of celluloid.

The film certainly won't be to everyone's taste (he says repeating himself) but if you like Japanese style dark fantasy/horror films I'd certain reccomend hunting it down and giving it a go.

I'm certainly very pleased to have caught it and will be picking up a copy on dvd when it's released.

Apparently the film's proper release is taking place this Friday (10th April) so hopefully it'll be available on a cinema near you (well... you UK folks) then.

Tags: film review

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