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Swine Nonsense

What I want to know is how many of the people currently terrified about catching Swine Flu smoke?

I hate to break it to them, but smoking is a lot more likely to send you on your way to the afterlife than possibly catching flu (or any variety).

I'm always amazed by the mass hysteria over these things.

I remember when Bird Flu was the "in thing" to be worried about. One of my flatmates at the time was terrified she'd get it and die. The slightest cough set her nerves on end and imagination running wild. I pointed out two things to her. She smoked LOTS and drank LOTS. Either of those things could kill her (and were certainly a lot mroe likely to than bird flu) and she was actively doing them every day and not worrying about them. If she was really worried about dying she could quit smoking and cut down drinking and her life expectancy would probably increase.

Yes, flu is nasty and can kill. Yes they are stronger versions of it out there more likely to kill. But look at the facts of daily life and stop worrying about catching it. If you are worried about it look at the other things in your life much more likely to harm you that you can do something about. Like diet, exercise, stopping smoking/drinking/drugs, etc.


Apr. 30th, 2009 11:41 am (UTC)
Getting in a car is statistically far higher as well...

I've been annoyed at the government for pledging (I'm not sure if they've spent it yet) a vast sum of money on this illness that's only a "might happen" when thousands die every year from MRSA and C difficile, which are very real deadly illnesses, which they only seem to be making token gestures at wiping out. (At least in some places. Where my mum works they're utterly neurotic about it. Which is ironic given that it's a hospice for the terminally ill. But in some of the wards my aunt works she dispairs at the total lack of hygeine, no one seems to care and they seem to be surprised that there have been several deaths there recently.)

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