Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

A Revolution in Parliament...

Having been a major supporter of Proportional Representation in the UK I can't say how pleased I am that it is *finally* being talked about as a real possibility again.
Politics, & the main political parties, in the UK are having a major shake-up & it seems (for now atleast) that major reforms look like becoming possible realities. I said that the Expenses Scandal that has completely swept through Parliament would have major knock-on effects (I'll be watching the European Elections in a couple of weeks with a lot of interest - I think they'll be some major upsets and many of the minor parties must be really looking at these elections with real glee for headhunting) and I seriously think that the time for smaller parties - & independent MPs - could come about in force if we see a General Election called within the next 12 months. People spoke about a summer of revolution & unrest in Europe - & although this wasn't what maybe people were talking about at the time I think we may see one.

Time For A Westminster Revolution (BBC News; Thursday 21st may 2009)

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