Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Victoriana and Starblazer Adventures in Previews Magazine!

The May 2009 Edition of Previews (Issue #248) is soliciting our two July releases!

They are on Page 423 in the Games section of the magazine.

Victoriana 2nd Edition and Starblazer Adventures are both due for retail release in July and are the launch of our new monthly release schedule (more news of that to follow in about a week). Previews is a magazine I've been getting for many, many years as it THE source for all the hot new comics (both major and indie publishers), games, t-shirts, action figures and everything else comics/games orientated. I've found many a good, obscure, comic title it it's hallowed pages over the years so it brought a big smile to my face to finally see titles that I'm involved with gracing its pages.
I was bouncing so much I even bounced to the other side of the office and scanned the page with our books in so I can show you all!

(Sorry, for some reason I can't uplaod a bigger image of the page at present...)

Both books are now available to pre-order through comic and games stores everywhere!

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