Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson


So, not being content with having my own editing tasks for Cubicle 7 I sent the BBC an email this morning pointing out a ton of mistakes in one of their online articles (a football one about the England Squad announcement). It had loads of errrors in (I think their editors must all be away for the abnk holiday) and even called one of the palyers by the wrong name in the article (Robert Green is apparently now called Paul Green!).

It was a shockingly bad piece to be posted on the BBC News Site. You'd have thought that they would vet their journalists for grammer and spelling competence!

Anyway, I've had a decent bank holiday weekend. I took Saturday off and went and saw 'Angels & Demons' at the cinema and then started on Babylon 5 Season 3 (I'd never seen the show before so started from the 1st Season a couple of weeks ago - much of the 1st Season is pretty badly acted but it gets better by Season 2 and the over-arcing plotline is very good). I was in the office for a few hours yesterday sorting out addresses for all our Starblazer Adventures pre-order customers (which should be arriving here on Wednesday) and am in again today to finish that off, do some more editing and also get a batch of art briefs out.

Been having lots of good ideas for a new setting we're working on and also, from that in some ways, an excellent idea for a new novel (should I ever get the time and talent...).

Anyway, back to work for me. Hope everyone has had a good weekend and holiday!

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