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Hi folks,
I'm actually 'on holiday' for the rest of the week as Delphine's come over for a UK visit until Sunday. As such I'll be pretty much away from email and possibly not checking/updating LJ as often as I usually am (although this last couple of weeks has been a bit under-par due to working so late).
So, if you need me you can try my email/LJ comment or alternatively use the phone. I'll have my mobile on me for most of the duration and those that have my homeline might be able to either catch me there or leave a message for me.
Not sure what our plans are beyond meals with the family/cinema/shopping/chilling but we might hit pubs/clubs this weekend.
Delphine and Sarah meeting each other went well. Neither seems to hate the other and both have told me the other seems very nice. It's hard to tell as they only spent about six hours in each others company and that was in amongst a whole laod of other people for the most part. Still, I'm glad they seemt o get along and there's no friction there. Sarah's flown off to Amsterdam this morning until next Thursday but will be back in time for The Mission gig (yay!).
Anyway, update over, see people sooner or later and have a great weekend. (Aaron - I'm hoping to try and head over to yours on Sunday afternoon/evening once Delphine's left to France. Could you drop me an email on with your mobile number? Cheers:)

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