Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Starblazer 30th Anniversary Exhibition

The Dundee Literary Festival has a day dedicated to Comics with a talk from some of the people behind the Starblazer comics taking place. The Festival also sees the launch of the Official 30th Anniversary Exhibition of Starblazer which will include, amongst other things, lots of original artwork from the comic series as well as having a copy of the new Starblazer Adventures RPG on show!

The exhibition runs for the public from 29th June to 22nd August 2009 and is taking place at The Lamb gallery, Tower Building, University of Dundee.


28 June, 11am - 6pm. D’Arcy Thompson Lecture Theatre, Tower Building, University of Dundee
Timeframes, the third annual Dundee comics conference will be held in association with the Dundee Literary Festival on Sunday 28th June 2009. It will explore how the medium of comics bends, distorts and manipulates time, and the representation of the past and future in comics, and how the comics form relies on sequence. The speakers include prominent comics writers Warren Ellis and Alan Grant, artists such as Keith Robson and Emma Vieceli, comics editors Bill McLoughlin and David Bishop, and comics scholars Julia Round, Peter Hughes Jachimiak, and Ian Hague. The conference will also feature a workshop on writing for comics and graphic novels, and the opening of an exclusive exhibition of artwork from DC Thomson’s science fiction comic Starblazer.
All are welcome. The conference fee is £10, which includes refreshments. For more information contact Chris Murray (


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