Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

The decline of LJ and life outside The Smoke

Hello LJ!

This is not a work related post for a chang (shock horror!).

I hope everything out there in LJ-land is doing well?

I am a very infrequent visitor to these shores these days. I hate to admit it, as I've been a massive supporter and poster to LJ in the past. But these days I can go a week or two without really checking it.

Yes, I have become very much a Facebook person. On there most days now (several times a day).

I think this is because of a couple of reasons.

Firstly, time. LJ is great for posting and talking about things. For blogging and debating. For more rambling dialogues or commentary, etc. At present - and for the last few months since leaving London - I've not really had the time to be able to post anything more than a few comments (or my 140 Twitter characters). I've been very busy - either at work, watching movies, or at play. Or away at conventions, meetings or visiting friends and family. I've not really had the time, nor the inclination, to post about things here.

Secondly is a two fold thing. The first part is that LJ has become less populated. Even I, as an occasional visitor, have noticed it. There are less and less 'peopl' posts on my friends pages and more and more 'Feeds'. The Feeds haven't become more frequent - there's just the same amount as several months ago - but the people posts which used to post breaking them up have dropped off considerably. Less people are posting here so there is less for me to read and see. This has a knock-on effect to my attendence and involvement on the site. The second part of this is that I actually know and communicate with a lot more people on Facebook. A lot more of my old friends, my family and industry friends are on Facebook (and active) and many will never have heard of Live Journal, let alone have acocunts here. I can communicate and keep in touch with more people on that site. Plus many of my Live Journal friends are also on Facebook (and indeed many, like me, pretty much exclusively use only Facebook these days and have left LJ behind).

I won't be leaving LJ behind. I may be using it less, and checking my friends pages less, but I'm still going to maintain an active account (I have life membership in anycase so it's not costing me anything to keep it going). I will be returning to blogging but a large part of it will probably be from a different source - probably Blogspot at present (currently waiting for Google Wave to be released so I can see what it's compatible with) and will almost certainly be more industry based blogging and columns. I'll still occasionally post up more personal/private/ranom thoughts here and obviously keep my Facebook active.

Anyway, I can honestly say I've not really missed London at all since moving out. It's probably the best thing I've done. Life is at a much better pace out here in Wiltshire and the people are friendlier on the whole. It's certainly a lot easier to meet new people and stay in touch and see them again. This is largely down to size though. Obviously it's so much smaller than London so everyone is more likely to see each other again. I also love the fact that everything is within a short walk for me. The local pubs, the local clubs, all the shops, work... everything is on my doorstep (or near enough) and this is great.

London is also a city that remembers you when you're there and forgets you when you're not. If you aren't an immediate concern or phoning/seeing people London forgets you. A number of people have stayed in touch - phoning, emailing, texting or asking when I'm back in town to go for drinks - which is great and appreciated. But many people I - and/or Dave - used to see regularly haven't had a peep from (apart from when I've contacted them). London is a town where too many people are too busy and you're soon forgotten or dropped off the list as you're no longer there. It's taught us quite a few things about who were really truer friends. I've certainly had some surprising revelations with some people who were more on my periphery in London becoming closer friends and more frequent communicators than many of whom I considered drinking buddies and friends. I guess many were just drinking buddies. Which is fine. I'll still no doubt catch up with them if I bump into them in a pub or club when I'm back in town. But it has opened my eyes. Dave has claimed London is a cold city for years - since he moved back to Glasgow and had pretty much no communication from anyone whilst he was there. I can see where he was coming from now. Although I've had more communication with friends in London who have stayed in touched - but then I did spend most of my life there :p

I'm also glad that I adapted to life outside London without any problems. I thought I'd go into culture shock, but have been fine from pretty much the first day here. It makes me feel more confident that I can move and live almost anywhere and (if I don;t end up moving abroad sometime) I'm almost certainly going to take the next step of moving out of Swindon and into a smaller countryside village. I like my greenery and space it seems :)

Anyway, I hope everyone is well back in Londinium and in the LJ-verse as a whole. I'll catch up with you all again sometime soon.

Take care and best wishes from the Shires!

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