Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Gameforce: London - August Date Cancelled

Hi all,

Unfortunately we've had to cancel the August Gameforce (due to take place on 16th August). The venue we've been using - Parker McMillan - has been sold and, as such, has stopped it's relationship with The Guildhall. Our contacts at the venue tried to keep us in, for August atleast, but unfortunately that's a no-go so we're without a venue.

As I'm off to America on Tuesday for a week on business I'm not able to get to London and arrange another venue so we're having to skip August. When I get back I'll scout out some other possible venues and sort out something new from September.

Please let anyone else who you know that might not be on this list that the games not on next week.

Many apologies for the inconvenience and late notice.

Best wishes,
Angus Abranson
Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd
Publishers of SLA Industries, Victoriana, Starblazer Adventures, QIN:
The Warring States and the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game

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