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Missing Brazil....

Today I am missing Brazil.

I'm also not working which has allowed me to dwell on missing Brazil. More to the point it's allowed me to dwell on the fact that there are people I call friends over there whom I've not seen in just over two years and I miss them.

Luckily Nicole now lives in London (although we haven't seen much of each other recently for one reason or another - although that will chnage next week!), and several of my Brazillian friends keep in reasonably email contact with me but its not the same as actually spending time with them.

I think the latest bout of my feelings towards the country was brought on by Nhuivoti Duarte when she mailed me an invitation to join which is similiar to that I joined a few months ago. The main difference seems to be that a number of my Brazillian friends are on orkut. Anyway, I finally joined it this afternoon and have been sifting through friends and friends of friends remembering various faces from my brief visits to Sao Paulo and Campinas. I've added a few of the guys already and will no doubt have a much more in-depth look at everyone at somepoint (and try and remember peoples surnames!!) but what I really want to do is fly over there and catch up with people.

I feel a trip to Brazil coming up within the next year. I need my fix.

Thanks Nhuivoti for inviting me on-board and reminding me of some good times!!!


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