Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

London Excursion - Dark MIlls Festival

Hello LJ-land!

Yes, as strange as it may seem I do indeed still live.

I may only walk the hallowed nodes of LJ rarely these days but I haven’t forgotten you altogether. Even if the hot new thing called Facebook has stolen me away from my old love. I guess when I moved out of London I kind of moved out of LJ at the same time. Certainly seems a bit like it...

Anyway, I had a brief weekend excursion into London last weekend so why the hell not update this in celebration of the event!

Saturday saw myself and a friend (Linda) drive over to South London for the Dark Mills Festival – an all day event of bands, theatre, stalls, etc. Although we only really attended for the bands and also to see the Chris Achilleos ( exhibition that the show was also putting on.

Chris Achilleos was an artist who I always link to the 80’s. I think it’s because his air brushing style was very popular in the 80’s and his work was featured in a lot of the Games Workshop magazines and games that I read and played back then, along with his art books being incredibly popular in book stores, etc. It was interesting to actually meet the man himself and look at the many, quite iconic, pictures that reminded me of my teenage years.

The bands were a fairly mixed bunch. None, that we saw, were dire or anywhere close – but some were certainly better than others, and some certainly had a better sound system (or rather volume) attributed to there sets. During the course of the day we ended up catching ten of the bands. The highlights for me were Kommand + Kontrol (who’d I’d like to see again with better sound), the brilliant Imprint and the main reason why we went to the show – the fantastic The Eden House.

One of the problems from hosting an outside music festival with so many bands on the bill was that none of the bands had overly long sets. I think it was about 30 maximum. Which, whilst great to see such a selection, meant that the bands we really liked seemed to be over before they’d really started. I certainly want to see The Eden House again at their own headline gig so catch a full set (plus also see them properly, as the bandstand wasn’t very raised and as soon as there were people in front of you on the steps all you could really do was listen to the band without the chance of seeing anything).

All in all though I had a really nice day out. We crashed at a hotel in Wimbledon and then popped into The London Edge (Alternative Fashion Expo) in Olympia on the Sunday for a few hours so Linda could have a look around and meet some of her clients.

So, a brief excursion into London, but a really nice and certainly busy one :)


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