Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Questions - Answers

Just dropping by quickly to answer some questions imagnocean posted for here goes....

1) Are you ok?
Generally, yes. Probably more 'ok' than I've been in many years in many aspects.

2) Do you think you will ever settle down properly?
Depends in what way 'settle down' really. In a job, in an area, with a partner...?
Job wise I've always been pretty settled. I was with Leisure Games for over 20 years and now I'm running my own company I can't really see me moving on from that for many, many years to come - if ever - unless things didn't work out and went belly up (which hopefully they won't).
Area wise - no idea. I still *really* want to live abroad again - preferrably in several countries and cultures. The thing that I have to do is either get a place which is 'base camp' that I can store all my stuff or sell most of my things to make everything a lot more managable when moving. There's no way I can jump places with the amount of stuff I currently have!!!
Partner-wise. I don't know. Maybe one day. I'm happy being single and having my own space. Being able to do what I want to do and not feel guilty about not spending time with my other-half. Work - especially now I'm my own boss and am at the beginning of the journey - has to be my primary focus. That said I watched (500) Days of Summer recently and it certainly hit a few home truths in some areas, so you never know. I could bump into someone tomorrow that would change my entire outlook on steady and longterm relationships.

3) when was the last time you turned off your phone, didn't go on your computer, and got outside and did something that allowed you to be alone with your thoughts and nature?

My phone is on 24/7. The only time it gets turned off is when I'm in the cinema (and recently even then it only gets put on silent vibrate), the last time I wasn't on *a* computer was when I was away - but then I can check my email through my phone. The last time I didn't check email at all anywhere was probably when I was in Cornwall for 5/6 days back in March/April 2008. I also forgot my phone on one of those days too actually.
Last time I went outside and was alone with my thoughts and nature was probably a couple of months ago when I popped over to Avebury stone circle (about 20 minutes by bus from my place) and chilled out for a few hours under the sun and shade of a stone.

4) If you had a garden with great soil, what would you grow?

Not sure I'd have time for gardening at present, but if I did I'd try and start up a veg and herb garden and become a bit more self-sufficent.

5) Have you stopped putting salt on your pizzas? :P

I hardly have pizza's anymore! Seriously. After we moved to Swindon I think it was the best part of 4-5 months before we had a pizza...and no salt on that one (although I have done once since). I mainly cook my own meals these days, and take pack lunches to work, so rarely actually eat out anywhere. I haven't had an Indian since March!!! Chinese since July!! What's happened to me!!!!! :p


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