Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

This week and future gigs

I thought I'd post a quickie update on the next few days activities and also some possible future gigs if anyone fancies jumping on board...

Tomorrow sees Sarah return to the UK (yay!) and then both of us heading into town to see The Mission. I'm looking forward to this alot, apart from a rough patch in the early-mid/late 90's The Mission are one of the bands that always seemt to have put on a good show whenever I've caught them. I've no idea how many times I've seen them now though - certainly well into the double figures though....

Friday looks like we'll be experimenting with XFM's Indie Night if a couple of friends are going and I get the details through. It'll make a nice change to go to an Indie night again - I've haven't been to one in ages and whilst the goth/industrial/80's scene is fun variety is the spice of life.

Saturday is Mr Dave Keyes 'Party in the Park'. Looking forward to it as there'll be loads of people I haven't seen in ages there. If it rains it'll be 'Party in the Pub' instead but I'm sure that'll be equally as fun. Not sure whats happening in the evening but I'm very tempted to sneak home and spend it with Sarah :p

Working on Sunday (grr...) and then get thrown full force into next week with its round of meeting up with old friends, meetings for work, convention organising and Cubicle 7 stuff. I can never accuse myself of not having anything to do I guess, although sometimes I wish I could......

I might also buy a new computer this weekend. It seems cheaper than buying various upgrades for the current one. Seems silly though as the current one works fine, just could do with some extra bits plugged in.

Anyway, possible future gigs......

12th September - LAMB (Shepards Bush Empire) - already have my ticket :p
13th September - GARY NUMAN (Shepards Bush Empire) -I think its the 14th, could have been 11th?
16th September - PJ HARVEY (Hammersmith Apollo)
24th September - CLAWFINGER (Garage)
8th October - Mr SCRUFF (Forum)
11th October - JIM ROSE CIRCUS SIDESHOW (Shepards Bush Empire)
12th October - WONDERSTUFF (Astoria)
30th/31st October - HIM (Hammersmith Apollo)
31st October- SCISSOR SISTERS (Brixton Academy)
1st/2nd November - SCISSOR SISTERS (Brixton Academy)
10th/11th November - NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS (Brixton Academy)
12th November - CARDIACS (Astoria)
14th November - THE TIGER LILLIES (Bloomsbury Theatre)

....any takers?

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