Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Local Crime -

 I must say that access to the new crime website is much easier once most of Britain has gone to bed. Easy, quick access whereas earlier it was just refusing point blank to load.

So, what are my haunts like then....

My local area of Swindon had 662 assorted crimes in December 2010 (but then I do live right in the town centre so have a lot of the boozy pubs and nightclubs in the relevant 'zone'). Of these crimes there was the following:

Burglary 26
Anti-Social behaviour 315
Robbery 6
Vehicle Crime 25
Violent Crime 66
Other Crime 224

This compares to where I used to work/live in Finchley:

Total Crimes: 434
Burglary 56
Anti-Social behaviour 157
Robbery 6
Vehicle Crime 50
Violent Crime 45
Other Crime 120

Where I work in Oxford:

Total Crimes: 466
Burglary 18
Anti-Social behaviour 120
Robbery 1
Vehicle Crime 8
Violent Crime 75
Other Crime 244

and where I grew up as a kid (Barnet, London):

Total Crimes: 237
Burglary 27
Anti-Social behaviour 87
Robbery 5
Vehicle Crime 19
Violent Crime 33
Other Crime 66


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