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GIG 007: Rose of Avalanche / Dawn After Dark / Claytown Troupe - ULU 27/01/89
Rose of Avalanche was the first gig I went to in 1989 - which was the year which really saw me explode on to the gig scene (I;d seen 1 gig in '87, 5 in '88 and 1989 would go on to see me go to 27 gigs - which wasn't the most in a year by anymeans - I think that was 1995 when I went to a massive 65 concerts!) it was also the first time that I had a band for a second time as I'd seen Rose of Avalanche the previous year supporting Ghost Dance.

Rose of Avalanche had become one of my favourite bands at the time and so a trip down to ULU (University of London Union) was hardly surprising. Rose of Avalanche were, unsurprisingly, brilliant and whilst their main support act - Dawn After Dark - were also very good the surprise package of the night was a new band at the time called Claytown Troupe whom I would go on to see live a number of times and also got to meet the lead singer quite a bit.

Price: £4.50


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May. 4th, 2012 02:20 pm (UTC)
This was, ISTR, one of the first ULU gigs I DJ'd at. I remember being down at the door for a while, a bunch of the Dawn after Dark following were trying to get in without paying. They managed to push pass the undergraduate history student on the door, leaving her in tears, and they ran smack into "Deptford John" and "Scarlet" from the stage crew, who very gently showed them the exit.

Good gig though
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