Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GIG 008: Gypsy Queen / Wrathchild / Larrikin - Town & Country Club 18/02/89

GIG 008: Gypsy Queen / Wrathchild / Larrikin - Town & Country Club 18/02/89
I wasn't really a fan of Gypsy Queen, didn't have any of their stuff and hadn't really heard them much apart from maybe round a friends house or on MTVs metal show which a friend brother used to record and send down to him (we used to regular go round his house for the weekly two hour show to see the metal videos and live clips) but two of my friends were going and so I tagged along. It was probably the first gig I went to which I wasn't really impressed with (but that didn't stop me). I can't really recall much of the gig apart from I think it was on this occasion that the lead singer of Wrathchild stage dived right into me. I didn't know it at the time, all I remember was being in the mosh pit one moment and on the floor the next.

Without my glasses.

I remember trying to search for them amongst the feet of people leaping around before a friend pulled me up and said "aren't those your glasses?" pointing to the stage. Of course I couldn't see what he was on about (I'm blind without my glasses) but apparently the lead singer had ended up with my specs and I had to go backstage after the gig to go and reclaim them.

Wrathchild were the highlight of the night - and really caught one of my friends imagination as we would end up going to see them a few times after that (they sadly appear twie in the next set of three gigs) and I was even to end up in one of their videos.

Price: £6.00

Tags: gig list, gypsy queen, larrikin, town & country club, wrathchild

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