Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GIG 010: Wrathchild - The Hippodome 05/04/89

GIG 010: Wrathchild - The Hippodome 05/04/89
Kerrang magazine had a weekly Wednesday club night at The Hippodome in Leicester Square where they also featured a live act. I'm not sure if The Hippodome was the first time I'd been out clubbing (I may have been alreday going to The Catacombs in Manor House by this time) but it was half-term and a few of us fancied both a night out and to catch Wrathchild again (we'd seen them a couple of months earlier supporting Gypsy Queen (GIG 008) and whilst I wasn't keen on them certain people in our group were very much so.

I was amazed that we actually managed to get in to the club in the first place (being a bunch fo 16 year olds) but it was a great evening and even though I wasn't keen on Wrathchild I still ended up at the front of the stage headbanging away with everyone else - a fact that was pointed out to me a few weeks later when someone caught a live video of the gig on The Chart Show and saw me centre stage (I to this day have not seen the video, don't know what song it was for and have no desire to see it).

I also remember walking back from Frien Barnet (were the night bus dropped us off) at 5am in the morning not knowing which way we should be walking to get back to actual Barnet (we'd jumped on the bus because it had Barnet on not realising it was the 'wrong' Barnet), buying milk off a passing milkfloat because we were parched and also discovering several piles of magazines outside a newsagents waiting to be collected as unsold returns - which happened to include a bunch of Mayfair or Playboys in the mix - which as 16 year olds was considered to be a treasure find of massive proportions!).

Price: No idea as the club didn't have tickets.

Tags: gig list, hippodome, wrathchild

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