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GIG 015: Dawn After Dark / Victims of Pestilence / Creaming Jesus - Marquee 24/05/89
I'd seen Dawn After Dark a few months previously supporting Rose of Avalanche and they had obviously impressed enough to head over to the Marquee to catch them again. I'm very glad I did as the gig introduced me to a band which I ended up seeing a load of times and who always put n a blinding performance - Creaming Jesus.

Creaming Jesus were the first band on the stage (I think this was the only time I saw them supporting as they soon became a headline act in their own right) and were fantastic. A blend of goth and thrash in many ways, but they didn't take themselves seriously (they have great covers of The Cures 'The Forest' and The Sisters of Mercys 'Temple of Love') and had some really great tracks.

In contrast the middle band, Victims of Pestilence, were less than unremarkable, and Dawn After Dark whilst still playing an excellent set still came second best on the night.

Price: £4.50


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May. 11th, 2012 12:06 am (UTC)
Ive been really enjoying your series of gig retrospectives - really good fun. I didnt go to that many gigs before I hads an LJ account so most of my gigs get a blog entry while its all still fresh in my mind so the whole looking back at my past thing doesnt really come into it (at least at time of writing).

Did you know that the Marquee club is now a Weatherspoons? Thats even more depressing than the Town and Country club now being 'The HMV Forum' and almost as bad as The Astoria being totally gone.

Im not exactly an old hand but gigging in London isnt what it used to be.
May. 11th, 2012 08:45 am (UTC)
Cheers :)
I was (and still am) a massive music fan and love live music - so there's rather a few. Luckily I have kept most of the tickets for the various shows, my old diaries and also a rather detailed list of gigs (up to 1997) and what I thought of each band on a grading structure (how anal am I!). Once I reach 1997 I'm going to have to start expanding and completing that list which is actually one of the prompts for doing this record, as well as having it externally somewhere else (Facebook and LiveJournal) as opposed to in a file that gets carted round every time i move :p
I was at the last ever Marquee gig - it was such a shame to see the venue close, and even more of a shame that the Wetaherspoons didn't really give much/anything in the way of a nod to the past history of the building considering all the great bands that have played there (and also at the original Marquee that preceeded it).
I don't mind too much about the HMV Forum/Town & Country Club change as it is still a music venue and hasn't really changed at all apart from the name. In fact HMV have started using the venue more (it was one of *the* venues when I was growing up and then hardly did anything for a number of years in the mid/late 90's to early/mid-00's so I'm pleased to see it being used for music again - even with a name change).
The Astoria is a real shame. I had just left London when they demolished it but had been at a gig there a month of two before.
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