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GIG 017: Fields of the Nephilim / Mary My Hope / Bambi Slam - Brixton Academy 03/06/89

GIG 017: Fields of the Nephilim / Mary My Hope / Bambi Slam - Brixton Academy 03/06/89
Fields of the Nephilim were one of my favourite bands (still are in fact) so this concert had a lot of meaning for me. My mother was nervous about me going because it was in the dreaded South London confines of Brixton (Anything south of the Thames had a bad rep in those days and Brixton worse than most due to what seemed like continual riots and crime if you believed the news). Anyway I ventureed south of the river and, whilst there was quite a lot of police on the street making sure the gig-goers didn't stray from the path, it was completely harmless.

Both Bambi Slam and Mary My Hope were fine - not as great support bands as some I'd already seen, but certainly not in the worse half either. But I was really there for one act, and one act only - The Neph.

Brixton Academy made me feel like I was at an outdoor gig, in the middle of the night, at a ruined castle or something. The ceiling was dead black, with the occasional dimmed lights up there looking like stars and the stage itself with a fantastic proscenium arch enveloping it and the sides of the stage surrounding the audience containing statues and quite ornate. With the waves of dry ice spilling over the crowd and the incredibly haunting vocals and music of the Nephilim the whole experience was so atmospheric and really fantastic. It was also the first gig that I was part of one of the legendary 'Goth Pyramids' that were very popular. It certainly cemented the Nephilim even further as one of my favourite bands and also as one of the very best live acts I had, and have, seen.

Price: £6.00

Tags: bambi slam, brixton academy, fields of the nephilim, gig list, mary my hope

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