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GIG 031: Under Neath What / And The Generals Ran Forever / The Otherside - Marquee 10/11/89
I believe I was at this one with Nick, Alex, Mat and Simon. Under Neath What were fronted by a New Yorker (Andy) who teamed up with a couple of Brits to launch Under Neath What on to the world. According to rumour at the time the band were all living in a squat in South London. They got some press coverage in the Indie music press (Sounds, NME, Melody Maker, etc) and certainly played quite a few gigs both headlining themselves at smaller venues such as The Marquee as well as supporting larger bands on UK tours (they supported The Fields of The Nephilim).

I still have an old cassette of theirs that I was given at one of the gigs and also had the Firebomb Telecom 7" single.

This gig was actually pretty good as apart from Under Neath What the bill also consisted of And The Generals Ran Forever and The Otherside and all three bands were good live - which was nice as I was beginning to relaise that more often than not many support acts were at best average and at worst... well, bloody awful.

No idea what happened to the other two bands (although I did see both again) but Under Neath What eventually split up when Andy moved back to the States - and then reformed in the mid 2000's only to completely vanish just as quickly.

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