Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GIG 035: The Otherside / Giant International / Angel Hearts - Marquee 14/01/90

GIG 035: The Otherside / Giant International / Angel Hearts - Marquee 14/01/90
I remember this gig mainly because Nick really liked Giant International. Good reason too as they were a class act, who we would see again in the future. We'd seen The Otherside back in November '89 (supporting Under Neath What GIG 031) and they were the primary motive for Nick, Adam, Simon, Donna, Mat and myself to once again be down at The Marquee on a Sunday night.

By this point I'd actually decided to quit school so didn't have to work the next morning (I had an afternoon shift at a local newsagents) so we didn't have any excuse not to go out on Sunday nights and have some fun :p

This was another of those 'Marquee' moments were we struck lucky and all three bands on the bill were good (which ceratinly wasn't always the case). Great evening, although The Otherside apparently never got big enough to warrant a video on Youtube or any mention of them (that I can find) on the internet.

Price: Unknown

Tags: angel hearts, giant international, gig list, marquee, the otherside

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